WAIS has integrated the Chinese national curriculum with IB  curriculum and assessment principles for teaching and learning. Students will be mastering valuable skills and knowledge. They will achieve a better understanding of the core concepts and reach their educational development needs in primary school.


Education and Learning at WAIS

Comprehensive English Courses:

1.The comprehensive English teaching resources are integrated with PYP

2.English course that combines verbal, written, and visual language learning.

3.Phonics courses

4.Art,drama, public speaking and other subjects are taught by foreign teachers.

5.Embedding English into the IB inquiry.

6.Both Chinese and foreign teachers teach English collaboratively.


Elective courses:

Office software, Cheer leading, Creative Thinking, Football, Dance, Coding, English Reading (foreign teacher), Art (foreign teacher), STEM, and more.


Compulsory Art & Sports courses:

Dance, PE, Fencing, Swimming, Football, Taekwondo, Musical Instruments, Music.


Unit of Inquiry(UOI)- Transdisciplinary Learning:

WAIS PYP focuses on the inquiry method for students, within a framework guided by six transdisciplinary themes of global significance. We integrate the core knowledge of Language, Mathematics, Science and Sociology into a whole unit of inquiry. This programme breaks the boundaries of traditional teaching, using the world as teaching material. Problem driven concepts lead students to develop disciplinary thematic inquiry.  IB schools around the world have a common educational philosophy of improving teaching and learning for students of all cultures by offering challenging international education programs.