Our vision


“Integrate the essence of Chinese and Western culture, cultivate a life with broad knowledge and grace”

We see learning as a bridge which links cultures and communities. WAIS seeks to promote an appreciation of the Chinese culture and heritage for its graduates whilst guiding them to be internationally minded and aware.

A WAIS education encourages students to be active members of a learning community. Students are encouraged to become life-long learners with open, inquiring minds. By seeking to educate the whole child, their personality is shaped, creativity encouraged, motivation and self-respect valued. 

Our mission


We aim to create an international school with profound Chinese culture and broad global vision taking its place on the world stage.

Our value



WAIS aims to educate all students to become knowledgeable, thoughtful, creative, caring, communicative, respectful and graceful. Students will develop confidence, self-discipline, social responsibility and an appreciation of a fulfilled life.

Curiosity and inquiry


If curiosity is the wick, then inquiry is the wax. Inquiry is a means of turning curiosity into learning. Without the ability to inquire, without a comprehensive scientific approach to the pursuit of knowledge and the development of skills, then curiosity is only a fleeting spark.

WAIS ignites a child's curiosity while also developing the child's ability to explore and help the child learn how to learn.

Self discipline and commitment


Morality is self-discipline, self-discipline is freedom. Commitment is a way to remind us to keep self-discipline, and self-discipline is the best tool for keeping commitments.

Commitment is the only way to success, in the face of the future full of challenges, full of thorns on the road, only a strong self-discipline, can let us ride the wind and waves all the way to the other side of happiness.

WAIS encourages students to set their own goals and commitments, to give trust and determination, and to develop a high degree of self-discipline.



Motivation is the ability to have purpose, plan and initiative in understanding and transforming the world. When students are motivated, they can use the tools available to make, collaborate, practice, create, share, and present.

In the process of creation, we focus on fostering students' initiative, and encourage students to understand the impact of their actions on their surroundings and the world, so as to develop correct values and worldviews. To this end, we set up a student union, so that students can have a free voice, and make positive reactions and changes to themselves and the world.



Albert Einstein once said, "Art is a hand reaching out to the universe, a hand reaching out to the world, making ourselves the conduit of energy."

Creativity requires courage and an open spirit. It requires thinking outside the box. It requires trying, experimenting, and taking risks. Therefore, we encourage students to forge ahead and ride the waves of innovation

team spirit


A single person is weak, just like the drifting Robinson, only with others, to better develop their potential.

A single filament does not make a thread. There is no perfect individual, but invincible team. Only in a group can the individual's wisdom and talent be fully developed and reflected.

Lifelong learning and wisdom


Lifelong learning, shaping a better future.

Education does not end with school, but should continue throughout the course of one's life. Only by constantly learning, actively exploring and exploring the potential in one's life can one calmly cope with the challenges of the future.

WAIS places a great deal of emphasis on developing wisdom, which is superior to simply pursuing knowledge and skills. A wise person discriminates and chooses, uses the ability of lifelong learning to seek more knowledge and skills, and respects moral understanding, releasing love and compassion.